The "Real" Mitt Romney

Discussion of Mitt Romney's views toward 47% of the population

At a private fundraiser with a group of wealthy donors, Mitt Romney commented that 47% of Americans pay no taxes.  He went on to say that they consider themselves victims and expect the government to give them food and take care of them. 

He also said they don’t want to accept any personal responsibility for their lives.  He continued by saying that because of this, he wasn’t concerned at all about that group and was going to focus his attention on the independent voters. 

It seems to me that this and other statements he made at the same fundraiser present the “real” Mitt Romney, a man born into money, a man who has never had to worry about healthcare or income or anything else that so many Americans have to worry about on a daily basis, a man who has no concept of how many, many Americans live.

Within that 47% of Americans are elderly people trying to live on a fixed income, disabled people who are physically unable to work, a large number of working people whose incomes are so low that after basic deductions they have no income tax liability, and a large number of people who live in or very close to poverty. 

I think it’s extremely revealing that while he presents himself as someone who wants to represent all Americans and help to get people back to work, when he’s with his wealthy constituents, he shows that he has nothing but contempt for almost half of the American population.

It’s interesting for another reason as well.  For him and for other wealthy Americans, the tax code is ideal in that it gives them all kinds of ways to hide money or otherwise avoid paying taxes.  The devices he uses are perfectly legal, and I certainly don’t fault him for using them. 

At the same time, many of those in the 47% that he lumps in a group of people who demand entitlements pay little or no taxes because they are able to utilize exemptions and tax breaks that reduce their incomes to below taxable level.  It seems to me that if it’s ok for Mitt Romney to take advantage of the tax code, then it’s ok for everyone else as well.

Finally, Mitt Romney made his comments as a blanket statement, saying that these people pay no taxes.  He did not recognize that they pay sales taxes, gasoline taxes, state income taxes, real estate taxes, etc., and they pay payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare. 

While there probably are leeches in the system, I think it is profoundly arrogant and profoundly insulting to place 47% of the American population in that category.  Do we really want someone who actually thinks this way to occupy the White House??  Think about it.

—Chuck Teeter

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Russ September 24, 2012 at 01:41 AM
Vicky, that is because you like the Romney Ryan campaign will not let fact checking or the real truth get in the way of their rhetoric. Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!
Russ September 24, 2012 at 01:49 AM
Oh you mean there is no voter suppression by the republican's like in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania or Florida I think your a little behind on your polling info: http://pewresearch.org/ and Fox agrees: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/08/09/fox-news-poll-obama-lead-grows-as-romney-support-slips/ Romney is clearly falling behind
REAGANRAISEDTAXES September 24, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Bob F, the fix is not in for Obama, the voters by a 3 million + margin prefer him. Every large County in Illinois, including "Republican" DuPage voted for him. If it will make you feel better, move to Alabama where that 47% prefer the "Conservative" Mittens.
BUTCH September 25, 2012 at 05:05 AM
Imagine that TWIT the CHINESE COMMIE PARTNER of the Red Army who also has the sole MACAU CHINA vice lord as a partner who has poured 70 MILLION so far into the campaign and another 70 MILLION coming along with hundreds of millions more from Cheney and Exxon energy advisors to buy this election. These are the bosses of DUBYA RANGERS and Pioneers, this wannabe CIC is in partnership with the Red Army developing the IRANIAN gas fields and is going all out with the equally slimy NETANYAHU SCUM in threatening the Iranians yeah Cheney is sweating blood, none of the nit wit TParty village idiots who do not have Demetia have a problem that his partners have put poison in our toothpaste pet's food medicines and kids toys and beds for starters and then talks about socialism in the ER. ,
BUTCH September 25, 2012 at 05:21 AM
Twit is Mc SLIME's REVENGE on the T PARTY, who else knew? There is way to much TWIT and Lyin info to fit into 150,000 characters never mind 150 this guy if the tparty manage to steal every results of 47 States and purge 100 million voters who in their right mind will fly if he is in charge of the FAA,? This genius took 6 million from Calif hi rollers after he wondered in a interview why they did not have roll down windows on goddess, Ann's Lear Jet! Did he go to Liberty U or BYU with Akin the OBGYN? The best DEBATE Twit could have will be with MITT his position on every issue starting with health care, women's issues Latin's in FLA or ARIZONA, student loans tax reform and the devils in the details sure makes sense to the TPARTY and BILL O remember the time in the debates Huntsman called him a well oiled weather vane, but we have plenty of TPARTY intellectual critical thinker to tell us what the winner meant after they hear it from the HILLBILLY HEROIN KING. The TPARTY are not discouraged they are going to put thousands of POLL watchers or vote stealer s in thousands of pct's nationwide but it matters not he is in trouble most of them will vote for RON PAUL


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