Auditor General Report Shows Significant Drop in Findings at Chicago State University

CHICAGO, IL – Reflecting the efforts of the current administration to instill a culture of accountability at Chicago State University (CSU), the Illinois Auditor General recently released its annual audit report for the school showing a 45% decrease in audit findings from the previous year. This is the third consecutive year CSU has posted a reduction in audit findings.

“The report from the Auditor General shines a light on the significant efforts undertaken in recent years to improve and strengthen our compliance efforts,” CSU President Dr. Wayne D. Watson said. “When I arrived at CSU in 2009 the University was facing significant internal challenges. But as a team, the CSU family is committed to addressing those challenges head on and I believe this report shows the fruits of that effort.  I cannot say I am totally satisfied as the report shows some areas on which we still need to enhance our focus, but overall, I am pleased with the continued improvement of CSU’s compliance with all laws and regulations. Just as we teach our students the importance of ethics and accountability, we will continue to lead by example at Chicago State University.”

Since 2010, when CSU reported 41 audit findings, the current administrative team has worked closely with staff at all levels to create an atmosphere that emphasizes greater attention to accountability, responsibility and transparency, including better legal compliance throughout the University. Chicago State now has multiple certified compliance officers working throughout the University as part of a more aggressive compliance effort. The result in this year’s audit shows 16 findings, a 61% decrease over the past three years.

Watson also noted many of the internal issues facing the University were not created overnight and will not be solved overnight but that CSU now has a fully staffed Office of Compliance, something which was missing upon his arrival. In addition to having three board-certified compliance officers in the new department there is also one board-certified compliance officer in financial aid with another in the legal department.

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